Vila's Spaceship Quiz

(Pictures by Avon)

How would you describe your looks?

Fairly ordinary-looking; you wouldn't notice me in a crowd.
Chunky, a bit past my prime.
Lean and fit with rakish lines; an athlete.
Sleek, elegant and exotic; I'm a real head-turner.
Small, tough, very fast, and funky with it; I'm dead cool.
Large, majestic, stately, and dignified.
So ugly I cause nausea in all who see me.

What do you do when confronted by an enemy?

I don't have enemies. Life is good and the universe is a beautiful place.
Chase the scum, hunt them down, show no mercy.
Depends. If I'm outnumbered I can outrun anyone, but I'll shoot to kill if I have to.
Keep walking and hope for the best. I've got nothing of value on me anyway.
Strike fear into their hearts by my sheer intimidating ugliness.
Bite their throats out, yum! No one'll ever know it was me, they can't catch me!

What sort of clothes do you prefer?

Black leather--none of those poncey studs--and funky headwear if I'm feeling bloody-minded.
Resort or holiday wear in pretty colours which make me feel good.
Something slinky, sensuous and stunning in satin or silk.
Tough duds that reveal my tats.
I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of styles and colours.
Pretty much what everyone else wears; I like to fit in.
Anything as long as it's some shade of grey (including black and white).

What do you think should be done with criminals and rebels?

Imprison the bastards and if they re-offend, exile them for life. Or death.
Capture them and gloat over them; a little torture never came amiss either.
The words 'moving targets' spring to mind. Quite tasty too, some of 'em.
Treat them with drugs to make them placid and easily controlled. That way everyone's happy.
Hunt them down and wipe them out.
Everyone has the right to be free; there's good in all people.

How do you prefer to kill your enemies?

Blast them out of existence.
Bend them a bit, then whack them on the barbie.
Line them up and shoot them one-by-one.
Burn the bastards.
I don't; I believe in strategic retreats.
Shoot them when they get boring. I do prefer to play with them first; it can be such fun.
Slipping drugs into their drinks usually incapacitates them enough.

Pick a colour (well, a lot of quizzes have this question; I think it's traditional):


If you really were a ship, who would you most like to have on board?

Roj Blake: the famous burly, curly-haired rebel
Jenna Stannis: tough, beautiful, blonde smuggler free-trader
Vila Restal: witty, charming, good-looking, what more do you want?
Kerr Avon: surly, sarcastic, and sardonic; geek with attitude
Olag Gan: (rock) salt of the earth, or Zephron to be exact
Cally: stunning telepathic guerrilla; open-minded to a fault
Dayna Mellanby: charming, disarming, and armed to the teeth
Del Tarrant: toothy tufty flyboy; smoke him a kipper, he'll be home for breakfast
Soolin: pretty cool blonde sharpshooter and ace hairdresser
Servalan: the sort who gives poisonous snakes a bad name
Travis: one-eyed maniac with an armed arm
None of that soft lot

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial